Today as I sat in front of the laptop, I began to reflect on the last six months. Many lows, but even bigger highs. I haven’t been on many adventures, and my poor blog has suffered because of it. Even the few outings we’ve had, i’ve been too busy to just sit and write. But after a recent discussion with other folks in the same position, I came to the realization I need to stop and make that time. I enjoy sharing my photos and stories, and since they’re mostly with family and friends, it serves a few different purposes. The main one is having a record of these great times, and to be able to sit back, read, and relive those memories that might have been forgotten in time…from the color of the sunset, the smell of sage in the air, to the night wind howling through the tent, or how bad that freeze dried food was. Good or bad, I want to remember.

The second purpose is to share with those who love the outdoors as much as I do, and hope you’ll enjoy coming along for just a little while.

So i’m going back to those few adventures we’ve had in the past months….and go get my bloggin cap back on.

A New Season Begins.

Four weeks into dove season and there I was. Still trying to get moved into the new house, and knew I was wasting precious time not being in the field. But because of work, the weekends are the only time I can do either one, and my wife, I mean, I had to make the decision to finish getting the house done first.

Finally there was a break, and Sunday evening might be open. My buddy Kyle had already called that morning with an invite, but at the time I wasn’t sure I could make it. After shuffling some honey-do’s around, a plan was made. My son and I would meet Kyle and his daughter way out in the cotton fields for some lead flying fun.

We drove the 20 miles to our spot and arrived around 4:30pm. Kyle and Cassie were already there and set up the decoys. The first thing I noticed was how high the cotton was. Every other time we’ve been here it’s bare with just ankle high sticks poking up everywhere. I figured this might be more of a challenge and knew we’d spend a lot more time trying to locate any birds we hit.


This was our first time out as a group since the spring. We normally have something going on at least once a month, but work schedules and life kept getting in the way. It was nice to be able sit around and talk, laugh, shoot, and catch up on the past months.

I guess it was a good thing we had plenty to talk about, because the dove were far and few between. We got a few, but not like usual. And as expected, there was much more time spent locating downed birds, which usually turned into a 2-3 person job.

Towards the end of the evening, with the dove getting even more elusive, we decided it would be a good time to pull out the pistols for a little target practice.

It was a great day, even without a bag full of dove. More plans were made, more adventures discussed. And one thing that was all agreed on…we must get out more!

Thanks for coming along,


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